Strange, very strange.

192 people liked the photo on instagram + 1 on Facebook
So that could have been 193 people in with a chance of winning the signed book.
However only 16 people from the 192 on instagram did actually read the instructions which said to like the image and also follow the page. Plus the one from Facebook. So in the end only a total of 17 names actually went into the hat.
I know there is a program or app on the computer that can control what people like and who they follow on instagram. My guess is that a lot of the image likes where probably done through a computer app. The app cannot read what it says in the post, but will probably just home in on the words competition or win, so automatically like the image. People actually reading the post will read the full instructions. How interesting !!

I have now picked a winner and that person has now been notified. I would say all the names that went into the hat, had a pretty good chance of winning


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