Reading, thinking, umming and aring.

So after a lot of reading, thinking, umming are aring ( thats Yorkshire speak ) I decided to have a look into going down the traditional publishing route. Now for those wondering what I’m talking about here, I mean to see if I could get some kind of book deal with one of the bigger publishing houses. My trusty Children’s Writers and Artist’s Yearbook came in very handy at this point as it gave me all the info I needed to first of all try and find an agent.

I had to read through loads and loads of Literacy Agencies and find out exactly what info was needed when submitting picture book stories. Oh my, it was as if every place wanted the info submitted in a different way. It took me ages.

Another hiccup I had was when I discovered that I had not got an A3 scanner to scan my images. I tried photographing them with my camera but that just didn’t work. ( trust me to paint all my illustrations in a odd shaped sketchbook, had I gone for A4, I could have saved myself a lot of money ). Yes you guessed it, I then had to go out and buy an A3 scanner.

What happened next ? Check back tomorrow 🙂


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