Sketchbook, paints and a little bit of blu tack

IMG_5520 Good Morning. I have got to admit, I am a bit of a chatterbox, so I do think this blogging malarky is a great way of communicating. But I have got to confess, this is all new to me and I can only apologise if the page looks a bit amateurish. So I will just have to learn as I go along.

The image you are seeing to the left, is my children’s picture book ‘Billy’s New Camera’. It came out in June last year and has gained steady sales ever since. On sale through Amazon,  publishers Matador and other online stores. The book is aimed at ages 2-6 years.

This whole book production thing has been quite a journey for me. Starting out as just as story and then I thought, why don’t I draw and paint the pictures. I suppose I’m not that bad when it comes to a Art. My Dad has always been a great artist, so the drawing gene has obviously been past on down from him. Also when you create a character in your head, you have a pretty good idea of what you want him or her to look like, so it’s nice to be able to do your own thing.

So I bought myself a sketchbook, pencils and paints and this is when Billy came to life. I really enjoyed this, as painting is such a relaxing hobby. Please note I have used the word ‘hobby’, because really the book idea was still a hobby at this stage and still is in a way. So the weeks went by and I painted and painted and painted in my sketchbook until it was all finished.

I wasn’t sure how to get the words on the pages of my sketchbook, so that was my next challenge. But I took the easiest option, typed them out and stuck them on the page ( with blue tac )

So that was it, all finished. People would come to the house and I would read the story asking them what they thought. Nieces and Nephews would visit with their kids, I would read the story again and they would love it. Visitors from America also loved it. But everyone asked the same question, which was “Can you make me a copy of this ?”

Now this was making it into a totally different ball game. I then started to wonder how I was going to copy it, especially as so many people had asked me for a copy. The big question on my mind was, how was I going to do this and what are my next steps going to be………



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