Big changes are afoot

I met up with a local author, well two local authors in fact. Now even though they were both  writers of fiction novels and not picture books, I felt that maybe they could help point me in the right direction. We spent some hours talking about my story and illustrations and I asked them for their honest opinion as to whether or not it was worth pursuing publication. Now they both loved the story and said it did have a lot of potential. They suggested that maybe I try going down the Self Publishing route as it had worked really well for them. The guy also came up with a valid point about my illustrations. He told me how he liked the paintings and they looked great in the sketchbook, but maybe I could tidy them up a bit more in some kind of photo program. He said that was what he did when creating his book covers. Well I certainly took everything on board  they both said, I found all the info they gave me very helpful and honest. I felt like I had a lot to thank them both for as they did actually point me in the right direction.

So that was it, I made the decision to go down the self publishing route. All I needed to sort out next was, how exactly was I going to do this and how am I going to go about making all these big changes to my illustrations…..


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