“When is a pen not a pen and a tablet not a tablet ?”

I took a break from my 54 hour Mouse Marathon to research my predicament. No way was I going to spend so much time over one image. I decided that the mouse and I needed to spend some time apart from each other as we were just becoming a little too attached.

Enter the Graphics Tablet

Somebody suggested I used a Graphics Tablet. ‘Whats one of them’ was my reply. Well its a kind of thing that looks like a tablet, but isn’t a tablet. You draw on it with a kind of pen that isn’t really a pen because what you draw on the tablet is not really there. You have to look at the computer screen to see what you have just drawn, in fact its a bit like rubbing your belly and patting your head at the same time. BUT it is actually a brilliant piece of kit. I managed to purchase one second hand from ebay, so that saved me some money. The one I bought was by no means the top of the range. If I had gone for the top of the range, I’m sure the tablet would have looked more like a tablet and the pen would probably even draw on the tablet, in fact it could possibly even make me a cuppa tea who knows !!

So the mouse and I did part company and the Graphics Tablet took its place. But did it cut the number of hours I worked on each image, you may wonder. Well yes it did. It knocked about 10 to 15 hrs off the time it took to do each page……..


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