Bad Punctuation but Good Imagination.

I’m moving along a few months now, up to the point where I finally finish re-drawing all the images on the graphics tablet, including front and back cover, plus end papers. ( By end papers, I mean the patterned pages that appear at the start and end of the story )

Just a quick note to say that I’ve only been running this blog for a few days, so if you have missed the start of my crazy life as a picture book author, then just pop back a few posts.

One thing that I did forget to mention in earlier posts is that I got my story proof read. Ive got to admit, English was not my strong subject at school. I wasn’t too bad in the spelling department, but when it came to punctuation, I did have a habit of putting things in the wrong places. But lets face it, just because a person isn’t that brilliant at English, doesn’t mean that they can’t have a good imagination. So I am now apologising for my poor grammar 🙂 It is very important to get your story proof read, especially before it is sent off to Literacy Agencies.

So all my paintings are now digital images. Wow ! it was very time consuming but it certainly does make a difference. Time to start researching on Google. I have decided I’m going to Self Publish, but not sure how to do it. I discovered that a lot of people actually do the whole process themselves from start to finish on the computer. Err, that definitely wasn’t for me, as I can only do basic stuff on the pc. I wouldn’t know where to start and as my computer is already clogged up with photos and videos ( I’m a keen photographer ), to expect it to also create something like a finished book that could be published would probably make it self destruct.

I found several different places here in the UK, that actually do all the work for you. I think I must have e mailed about 4 different places, asking loads of questions. Then I stumbled across one place called ‘Matador.’ Now not only did I like the name ( it conjured up images of images of Spain, sunshine and hot weather ). But the selling point for me was that it came highly recommended by the Children’s Writers and Artists Yearbook. Yayyy, thats the book that I’ve had with me from the start of this process. ‘This company has got to be good.’


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