Ready Steady Go

Picking up from where I left off, Matador it was. Another thing I really liked about this company was the fact that from what I had read, they didn’t just publish anything. They take publishing very seriously and they always give honest feedback as to whether they think they can work with the story. I don’t blame them really as they do have their reputation to uphold.

So they had a read of the story and also took a look at the illustrations. Now everything was fine with the illustrations, apart from one thing. The overall shape of the images.

“Can you make the images square ?” I was asked. The reason I was asked this was because the book would be far more cost effective if it was square. ( My images are all rectangular/camera shaped ) “I’m sure I can” I replied. Now I had to think how I was going to change all my images. I had two choices really, one was to expand the images at the top and bottom to make them square. Or, keep the same shape and use the extra background space for the story text. Another thing I failed to mention when I was producing the digital images, was that I had painted all my original illustrations inside the shape of a camera. So actually all the digital images were camera shaped. This did mean that I had to fill all the edges in and make those images into the shape of a rectangle. You may wonder why I did this. Well I had always fancied making a camera shaped book, I thought it would be fun. But at the end of the day, I had to go with what was the most cost effective.

So my next job was to spend the next weeks altering all the images. Little did I know what was going to happen next…….


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