Don’t try this at home. My worst ever lifetime major senior moment.

Ok, so  remember how I said that I’m a keen Photographer. My love of photography was one of the things that inspired me to write this story. But even though I would be out taking pictures in my spare time ( when not working on the book ), I certainly didn’t expect my hobby to cause such a sudden halt to my illustration alterations. In fact what happened  next has got to go down as one of the most stupid things I’ve ever done in my lifetime.

Well the truth of the matter is that I injured myself. Well all the fingers on my right hand to be exact, the hand I use to write !! It kind of becomes hard to write, draw or even operate a computer keyboard, when one has plasters and bandages on every finger. So how did I come to end up in this rather difficult situation, you may ask.

My love of photography has encouraged me to explore new ways of taking pictures eg. still shots, time lapse and just HD filming in general. Well because I’m always open to trying new things, I decided that the next step was to film from the air. ( Don’t worry, I didn’t decide to take up Paragliding and crash ). I decided to buy myself a quadcopter, or Drone as they are more commonly known. Before I actually bought the thing, I did a lot of research on the rules and regulations. Safe places to fly it and areas I needed to keep away from. I also spent ages trying to find somewhere that I could take a course, but at the time there just wasn’t anywhere. So I spent ages practicing in the garden at low level, keeping it away from people and buildings. As I got more confident, I would take it out into the Peak District really early, when nobody was around. I had heard how dangerous these things could be, so I wanted to be sure that I was following all rules and regulations. Anyway to cut a long story short, I had been flying this thing and grown quite confident for some time before my injury took place.

This particular day, when I should have really been working on altering my illustrations, it had been snowing. We had beautiful blue sky and the white snow formed a shimmering carpet across all the gardens, rooftops and fields. What a perfect day for some arial photography I thought. So as I couldn’t get the car out ( I would have had to dig it out ) I decided to put the drone in its case and go for a walk. We actually live on the edge of the Peak District, so you don’t have to go far before you are out in the countryside. Anyway, I found a spot, away from any people, buildings, cars etc and I even choose to go out at dinner time so I knew everyone would be indoors eating their dinners. So I found the perfect location to film and take pictures of the scenery from the air.

Now everything seemed to be running smoothly and I had been flying for about 20 mins, after which the battery light started flashing. I knew the thing will automatically land when this happens, but because of the snow on the ground, I wanted to take over and land it back on its case. The case is about 2 foot square, but because I had so much practice, I got quite good at this. Well I landed it on the dry case and then used the hand control to shut the motor off. Now this is where things didn’t go quite to plan. The motor didn’t seem to want to shut off so the propellors carried on turning. Now this is when I had a total brain fart and did something really stupid. In my head all I could think about was , Oh no this could fly off and hit someone. But truth was that the battery   was nearly flat ( thats why I landed it ) and I had checked there were no people around. I tried another way to shut the motor off and that didn’t work. Then I thought, Oh yes I can turn it off on the actual machine itself, so what did I do ? I approached the battery from the top where the propellers were , instead of from underneath. OUCH !!!


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