No Sympathy

So this is what happened in that moment of madness. I had suddenly become a writer / illustrator that couldn’t even hold a pencil. I was wearing gloves at the time of the accident, which probably helped save the ends of my fingers. Oh and the fact that the props were not turning full speed ! But saying that, they were going fast enough for me to not see them turning and actually had they been going full tilt, I think my fingers would have ended up in the field. So I was really lucky. I couldn’t feel anything at the time, but I knew something had happened when the white snow around me changed to the colour red. The picture you are seeing was taken a few days later, you can tell because my skin was starting to dry out due to not being able to wash my hand properly. So after a trip to casualty, and stitches applied by a very unsympathetic nurse, my injury put me out of action for a few weeks. This resulted in the book being put on hold 😦


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