Best Hobby Ever

I found out some interesting facts about writing stories in rhyme, in fact some stuff that I hadn’t really thought about. You will know yourself if you work with youngsters, rhyme can be the key when it comes to early learning. Even though we do have a lot of rhyming books on our bookshelf at school, we don’t seem to have enough. The rhyming stories get read over and over again because they are so popular and it gets to the point that it is sometimes nice to add new ones to the shelves. This was what encouraged me to give picture book writing a go myself.

Anyway I read up on all this quite a bit. But what I did come across when I was researching different publishing houses was that writing in rhyme is not always best when you are trying to get a publishing deal. Why ? you may ask. Well I read, it has a lot to do with money and the fact that rhyme is not easily translated into other languages. Therefore the book cannot be given such a wide audience and would be restricted to the English language. Reading this did help me prepare for the rejections, but I can think of loads of stories out there that do rhyme. It just makes me a little sad that its more about making money. Anyway rant over, but I did feel the need to mention this. But this certainly did not dampen my spirits. I was really enjoying writing and illustrating my stories and its been fun watching the character ‘Billy’ come to life. Ive always said that this has been more of a hobby for me, an expensive one but folks spend far more money on other hobbies. Heck I could go on nice holiday with what Im paying , but I’m loving this whole experience and have met so many lovely people whilst promoting the book.

Yay someone commented on my comment post. Great, so it is working. I think thats now 2 things I’ve sussed out – commenting and links ( well the previous link did work when I clicked on it, but maybe that was mean’t to happen, but  does it work when someone else clicks on it ? ). Now then if I can get my head around a photo edit program, this should be a doddle. 


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