I get asked some strange things, but being asked if I was a Dinosaur !!

Now this was my opportunity to learn how to become ambidextrous. After all I was starting to become a little frustrated and having two huge bandages on two fingers was quite embarrassing as it could have looked to some, that I was making some kind of rude gesture. The kids at school found the sight of my fingers all covered up very amusing. Everyday they would ask me why I had the bandages on my fingers and everyday they would also greet me with ‘Oh, have you still got those on your fingers ?’. But I have been asked some rather odd things in the past like ‘Was you a dinosaur when you was little?’ so I guess being asked why my fingers are all bandaged up was nothing really 🙂

Anyway back to the book situation. I obviously had to call the publishers and let them know that there was going to be a delay in getting the images back to them. I guess I could have told them I was ill, but I’m not very good at telling porky pies, so I just told them what I had done. But as time passed and each individual finger started to heel, I just had to return to my graphics tablet and get back to business.

I guess I got all the images completed pretty quickly. I found myself constantly checking and checking some more. Well after all this was going to be published and seen by quite a number of people ( I had  hoped ). The problem is that when you do something yourself, you are constantly trying to find ways to improve it. It got to the point that I had to make myself stop as I could have gone on and on changing things. But  I did have to be aware that things need to look right because lets face it, kids notice everything.

So I finally got them all finished and sent off. Now I had to wait to hear back from them and see what the next step was 🙂

Being the sort of person that cannot really sit still, I was actually working on story number two whilst waiting. Because of the way I had been asked to do things, it did help me a lot with the production of book two. I knew that I didn’t really need to paint all the images in a sketchbook ( unless I actually wanted to ). It did make life a lot easier not painting them because it meant that I could just scan a pencil drawing and decide the colours I wanted to use later on the computer.

It is Comic Relief Day here in the UK. I have the radio on right now and they are telling joke after joke. Most of which are just plain daft. Example ‘ Velcro, don’t buy it. Its nothing but a ripoff ‘. Sorry, I know this is nothing to do with writing a book, but I do get easily distracted. Ive got to head off to work right now so will be back later to continue my story. 



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