This head needs some BIG EARS.

IMG_3471This is what working with kids for so long does to me. I just cannot resist the opportunity to colour, glue or paint. Ive become quite the expert at Papier Mache over the years, creating models for Small World play, Chinese Dragons to help in New Year celebrations and even the Giants boot from the story Jack and the Beanstalk.

So whilst waiting for the publishers to get back to me, it was the perfect time to get those creative juices flowing once again and start on my next  creation. A giant papier mache rabbits head. Well there is a rabbit in the story, so this would be great. It was quite a challenge getting it to this stage as I had to blow up a black rubbish sack and try and keep the air in it whilst I papered all around the outside. Cutting the mouth and teeth out was also rather difficult, but heck I’ve got to be able to breathe haven’t I 🙂 It is even hard getting the thing over my head as I’ve made it a bit of an odd shape so I have practically stand on my head to get the darn thing on.

Ive got to admit, I’ve not done much more to it since this photo was taken, but only because I haven’t had the time. I have bought a rabbit onesie to wear with it. Think I may re phrase that :- Ive brought a rabbit onesie for somebody else to wear with it. I need to give the head some ears ( very big ears ) and then cover it with fur. This rabbit is going to be my Billy’s New Camera mascot ( thats if I ever do finish it ).

I bet by now you are thinking I am some kind of crazy woman who spends her time making giant models out of paper, when not trying to chop her fingers off in the propellers of a drone ! Nope, I’m just an ordinary person, with a good imagination that on occasions has been known to have the odd senior moment.

Talking about senior moments. The other day (Monday to be exact ) I was having a good nosey at something and  obviously not looking where I was going, when I ended up flat on my face. My ankle went over and down I went. My immediate  reaction was to get up quick and look around to see if anyone had just witness my stupidity. With my head down, I quickly hobbled back to the car. I’m getting too old for falling over. I blame it on the uneven pavement 🙂


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