Page Bleed !!

Well the sun is certainly crackin the flags here in my part of the world this morning, but it does look like we have had a frost overnight. This is the thing about English weather, its quite easy to get 4 seasons in just one day. Anyway I’m getting sidetracked as usual, so lets get back to the book chat.

I hear back from the publishers. All is well however, I now enter the whole new world of something called ‘Page Bleed’. Now after the past month I’d had, I could only visualise how my fingers looked after their close encounter with a drone. I thought it best to call them up and get then to explain, because even though I had heard this term before,  I was creating a book so I did need to get things correct.

I cannot praise the staff enough, they are so welcoming and always willing to answer any questions. She explained how it was to do with where the images finish on the edged of the paper. In my case I didn’t have a problem with the tops and bottoms of the pages because I was going to use that space to put the text. It was more like the right and left sides, especially the parts of the images that could possibly disappear into the spine of the book. Some important parts of the image had done this, so I needed to bring them back into the page a little ( if that makes sense ).

Now if I had been making these changes with a paint brush, it could have been quite time consuming. But because I was using the computer, it was quite easily done. At this point I was only really working with the images that created the main part of the story, so this did not include the patterned pages ( or the end pages as they can be known ). I did have a big problem with an image that appeared at the end of the story. Because it was one image that took up both sides of the page, I had a real problem making this meet in the middle. I think out of the whole book, these two particular pages did prove to be quite a challenge.


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