On this day 40 years ago……..

Ever had that that once in a lifetime opportunity to meet someone, you’ve always wanted to meet ?

Well it happened to me , exactly 40 years ago today. This is a date that will stick in my mind forever 🙂 Ok so I know this isn’t going to mean much to you folks out there and its got absolutely nothing to do with picturebooks. But I did have the need to share this story with you today and maybe it will bring back memories of a time when you met your hero, idol or just someone you have always wanted to meet.

This person is definitely a blast from the past and in his heyday he was a star of TV and film. Over here in the UK he would appear on our screens every Monday evening on BBC 2 and this particular program would last for an hour. Unless you are of a certain age, you will not have a clue who I am talking about, but then again some of you may.

The person I am talking about is Ben Murphy, star of the American Western Series ‘Alias Smith and Jones’. He played the part of Kid Curry alongside his partner Hannabel Hayes. We all have a crush on someone in our teen years and he was the one I had pictures of all over my bedroom wall.

So how did this meeting come about, you may wonder. Well I was visiting Phoenix, Arizona with my mum and we had only arrived the day before when my friends took us to a tennis tournament in the city. We jumped at the chance of watching some tennis as we are both keen tennis fanatics. Anyway it turned out to be a pro celebrity tennis tournament so he was playing alongside some other well known faces such as George Peppard and Lloyd Bridges. OMG can you imagine my surprise when we were introduced to Ben Murphy himself. Heck I can still feel my knees shaking now with the excitement. He was so easy to talk too, he wanted to know all about out trip, he posed for loads of photos and signed autographs. A day I will never ever forget.


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