Proof Read v Full Copy Edit

First of all, I must start by wishing all you mothers, mummy’s, mommy’s, mum’s or mommy’s ( I think that covers everyone ) a Happy Mother’s Day. We also put the clocks forward one hour here in the UK, so that means we have all lost an hours sleepy time. I always seem to wake up early though, so it hasn’t really made much difference to me.

So getting back to the book. I sorted out all the page bleed issue, by checking through all the images and altering the ones that had the detail a little close to the edge of the page. Now it was time to wait for the next part of the process.

The Copy Edit

Before I went ahead with the book, I had to decide exactly what extra bits I wanted the publishers to do. By this I mean things like marketing, e book, overseas sales and most importantly a Full Copy Edit. The easiest way to explain this is, a really good in depth proof read. Now I know I had already got someone to proof read the story, but I did think it best to get it done all over again by them. This process did cost, but it was definitely worth it, to double check that all the grammar, spelling and punctuation was correct. This process didn’t take too long and was done by a different member of the team. When finished, I had to let them know I was happy with it and then they could go ahead with preparing the Advanced Information Sheet. They would then pass the story onto type setting, so that they could make a start at putting the story onto the pages with the illustrations.

I did have to make a few phone calls whilst doing all this, but only really to clarify things. As Ive mentioned before, all the production team are great and soooo patient ( well they need to be when they have me to put up with ).

So copy edit done, next to prepare the Advanced Info Sheet. But to do this, they will need to have an image of the finished book cover……


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