Soooo Excited.

I know I had gone through the process of having the book spell checked and then copy edited, but yes it does need to be checked again and again. Because this was a picture book and a certain number of lines would need to be placed onto a page, that meant that someone had to type those lines out on a computer and put them on the page. It obviously wasn’t done automatically, so yes I did have to check for  mistakes. I spent hours going over and over it again checking that it was ok. After all, even though I was getting help with the production of the book, it was still my responsibility to make sure that the finished article was correct.

This makes me wonder what happens when someone self publishes a novel. Does someone follow the copy edit and type all the story onto each individual page during the type setting process, or is it done automatically by computer ? Every time I check my stories, this thought does cross my mind and I think, thank goodness I’m not having to read through a whole novel to check for mistakes. ( So let me know if you have self published a novel the same way I have, I’m keen to know how your novel gets checked for errors during the typesetting process )

Anyway once all this was done and I am fully satisfied with it, I sign whats called a ‘Pass to Press’ form. This means that its finished and that I have checked everything that needs checking, I know what the finished book will look like and it can all be sent off to the printers. My book did also have a picture on the back cover, so I had to approve the front and back covers also. When you look at the back cover that is prepared for print, you also find the ISBN Number stamped on the back, a barcode and also the price of the book.

Now it was all ready to go off to the printers and I was sooooo excited. I had the choice of a matt or glossy cover and I picked the glossy as I thought it would clean better if kids got sticky fingers on it. 🙂 I was informed that it would take approx 3 weeks to come back and half the stock I had ordered would be delivered back to me. Oh my, you just don’t know how good all this felt after months and months of hard work, I would soon have the finished book in my hands……



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