‘Gift of the Gab’

I now had to figure out how else I was going to promote the book. I could really do with someone doing a spot of PR work for me. Now I didn’t really need too look far as my daughter had already worked in PR and so therefore knew exactly what to do. She got in touch with various newspapers, magazines and even the local radio station and it wasn’t long before I had a little write up in different local publications. ( I will post a link to one of the magazines in the next post ) I also had a radio slot on BBC’s Radio ‘My life so far’ , now that was a bit scary. It lasted for about 20 minutes, but it was a great opportunity to promote the book. Good job I’ve got the gift of the gab, otherwise it could have all been a little embarrassing.

I decided that what I would like to do is visit as many schools as possible in the area.  After all the book is for the younger age group and this would be perfect. So I started drafting out a letter that could be e mailed out to schools. Whilst waiting, I just had to think of other ways. It was fast approaching the school holidays, so going into schools may not be an option at this time of year.



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