Book Signing

So armed with Books and Badges and surrounded by pots and pans, I held a my very first Summer Fayre stall. Ok I know the box says Merry Christmas, but thats what happens when you get all the stuff you need together in a rush.

Well it absolutely chucked it down that day and believe me, I was so glad that I was under cover. The event lasted for about 3 hours and despite the fowl weather, my little book stall was quite a success. I did sell quite a few books and badges, but the thing that sticks in my mind the most was that I was asked by a couple of people to sign the book.

Oh my goodness, Ive signed loads of things before, but never been asked to sign a book 🙂 I felt like I’d suddenly been given celebrity status. It’s kind of funny really because when you spend your life signing your name on different things, its something you take for granted. But when you are suddenly asked to sign a book for the first time, your mind goes blank and its like your hand has forgotten how to write. I also found myself stumbling out words like, ‘Er what would you like me to put ?’ Silly really, but this was a new thing for me.




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