The ‘Big’ Kid and the Badge Machine

I found out that our local school had a Summer Fayre every year. This would be the perfect opportunity to get the book out there in the community, so I asked if I could run a stall. I also needed to have something else I could sell that would appeal to the kids. I didn’t take long before I came up with an idea.

As you have probably guessed by now, I am nothing but a big kid at heart and one of the things I’ve always wanted to have a go at, is making badges. That was it, I could make badges !! All I needed was a Badge making machine. Oh wow, I couldn’t wait to order one and did so straight away after doing a bit of research into the best and safest to buy.

Now you wouldn’t believe how relaxing it is making badges 🙂 yes I know that may sound a little daft, but it is true. Quite therapeutic in fact and you get a great sense of achievement when the machine produces that perfect badge. It became quite addictive and before I knew it, I had badges, with all different Billy pictures all over the house. I was very particular about the machine I picked as I wanted it to be safe. I also produced badges with plastic clips on the back for safety reasons ( for the younger kids ), plus I made sure I included a safety notice with each one. To be honest I had to stop myself making them, I didn’t need that many, but like I say I got carried away. The photo below shows just a handful of the badges I’ve made. I did make way too many and don’t really need all these, but like I said it was so much fun and I got carried away.



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