It wouldn’t be England without Rain !

It was now the school summer holidays, so I probably wouldn’t hear back from any schools regarding class book readings. So I had to just lookout for other ways of promoting the book. We did have another Summer Fayre taking place locally, so I thought I would book myself a table for that instead. Now this was definitely on a bigger scale and all stall holders were required to decorate their stalls and make them as colourful as possible. So I started creating ‘Billy’ bunting ( haha isn’t that a character from another story ? ) for decoration. I also knew that there was a strong possibility that I would have to take my table outside, so as I didn’t have some kind of covering to protect me from the elements, I thought I better find something. Anyway I managed to get hold of this little shelter/ tent thingy that was just big enough to drag the table into in case it rained.

‘Rain’ its that word again and believe me it hammered it down with rain that day. Why was this happening to me ? Fortunately for me, because I arrived early I was offered a table inside the building. Oh that was such a relief 🙂 so I set about trimming up my stall.

IMG_3015.JPGI even set up a mini table, so that some of the kids could sit and colour the activity sheets. So all in all, despite the weather, it was another successful day. Oh and I was starting to get a little better at signing my name, I wasn’t so taken aback by the whole situation.

I did use my own table, I felt this was a better idea as really thinking about it I didn’t have a great deal to put on there. So my smaller two tables did look better. To be honest, my little stall did generate quite a bit of interest as people were fascinated by the fact that I had produced the book myself and wanted to know more about it. Also because this was a local event, I did know quite a few of the people attending.

If you have only just joined this blog and would like to read more, just scroll back to the beginning, it has not been running that long. It explains how I created the children’s picture book ‘Billy’s New Camera’ from start to finish. You will not just be following Billy’s Adventures, but also mine too. Never a dull moment, the highs, the lows and the really daft things I’ve done and am still doing along the way. As you can see by the overall set up of this blog, I’m still learning. I do plan on changing it to make it all look a little more appealing, but I’m still at the stage where I feel like if I change something, I may well end up deleting the lot and I don’t want that to happen. So please be patient 🙂 I also love a good Natter, so why not join in with the chat.


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