Back to the Book Chat

I am now back from my mini break, so it’s back to the book chat. If you can remember, I had decided to get in touch with a few schools, but because it was the school holidays, I knew that I wasn’t going to hear anything until they re opened. So time for a re think.

I decided to call in at a local nursery to see if they would be interested in me doing a book reading. I also took the book with me, so they could take a look at it. They thought it would be a great idea, so we sorted a date out straight away. I thought that leaving it about 3 weeks would give them plenty of time to let the parents know that I would be coming in to read to the children. It also gives the parents chance to decide if they would like to purchase a book. I don’t know if I mentioned this, but I got some small posters printed by the publishers. These have been ideal as they show the book, but leave a space underneath the cover image for detail e.g. time and date of visit. They have certainly proved very useful.

So the date of my visit arrived. I think I read the story about 4 times, to 4 different age groups. The kids loved it and also enjoyed looking at all the original paintings in my sketchbook. Every book reading is different as it depends on the age group, so if I think the kids are starting to lose concentration, I know that its time to stop talking and introduce the activity sheets and the stickers 🙂


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