Britains Got Talent with Knitting Needles.

So then came the story props. If any of you out there are in the Early Years teaching profession, you will know how much kids love story sacks with story props. I had to have a bit of a think as to how I could do this because as creative as I am, my creativeness didn’t stretch to sewing or knitting and the thought of carrying about 7 or 8 papier mache figures certainly wasn’t an option. So making them out of paper just wasn’t going to happen. I needed them to be either knitted or crochet figures.

So the search for Britains got Talent with Knitting Needles began. I put a post up on Facebook asking if anyone out there in social media land could not just knit, but knit people and animals. Well to my surprise, loads of people did respond and I didn’t really expect that. So after much consideration, I asked a lady who doesn’t actually live locally, but in a neighbouring county. She had knitted loads of this kind of thing for her Grandchildren and was pretty good at making up patterns as she went along. Perfect ! I thought, she gets my golden buzzer 🙂 the job is hers.

Now she already knew what the characters looked like, because her daughter had purchased the book for her kids. I basically left it up to her when it came to sizes, but just told her to keep in mind that this was an ongoing series and if she did anymore knitting, Billy needed room for growth. So the great knitting challenge began…..


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