Three Blown Eggs and One BIG Headache.

You would think that I would have enough on, visiting nurseries, summer fayres, oh and actually starting to work on book number 2. But no, I have always got to have some little project on the go 🙂 I already have all the characters from the story, so why not make a mini movie I thought. How fun would that be ! a sort of promotional video with knitted characters. I love photography, so I should be able to do this. This is where I discover that I am no Steven Spielberg and movie making isn’t quite as easy as I thought it was going to be. But I had to start somewhere, so first I had to recreate the set.

I managed to get hold of a huge cardboard box, it had to be big enough to make the Bradley Families living room. No furniture in it, just a window, birthday banner, balloons and various different toys. I was lucky as one of the shops in town sold the exact same coloured card as the living room walls in the book, so I bought some and that was that taken care of. Once I had papered the walls, I made the window and that was pretty easy as I just used the same colours I had used in my sketch book. Next to make the balloons, three of them to be exact. The best way to do this job had got to be using blown eggs and having done this in the passed I know for a fact that it isn’t easy.

So 3 eggs later and a major headache, I managed to get the contents out of all 3 eggs without cracking the shell. Next step was to let then dry out before I painted them. Meanwhile I had to make a birthday banner and a pretend helium balloon. Now this balloon took a little longer as it was rather an odd shape. But I did get around this by using the lid from a coffee jar to make a mould, creating 2 pieces which I then glued together. Because I used my papier mache skills to make this particular balloon, this was going to take some time to dry, so I went back to paint my eggs blue, green and red. Now have you ever tried painting eggs a solid colour without getting fingerprints all over them !!



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