Filming, editing, writing and the day job.

Pity I have not had the chance to finish the promotional video. It will get done eventually, but it can be difficult to keep on top of all these little jobs, when also trying to do the day job. The other thing is as much as I’ve really enjoyed doing all this, I do try to make time for my favourite hobby, which is photography. In fact I did that today, I drove out into the Peak District and did a bit of filming. Three of those film clips were shown tv tonight.

Whilst still playing with my mini movie set, picture book number 2 was now starting to take shape. I had certainly learned a lot from doing the first book, like what I should and shouldn’t do along the way. I had started painting the images for the second story, but I didn’t complete the painting as I knew it wasn’t necessary. I was able to cut the amount of work down, leaving out things that didn’t really need doing. I know that I may regret not painting all the pencil drawings in my second sketchbook, as I do think its great to have this to show the youngsters how the picture book was make. But I could always do it afterwards if I wish. Now owning the A3 scanner, meant that it was easy for me to copy my images and then add my preferred colours after. I will tell you more about the second story in another post.


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