A Book Launch !! Sounds like a plan.

So getting back to the book chat. Because the book was published just before the school summer holidays, it meant that I couldn’t actually go into any primary schools to read my book. So I had to make do with visiting nurseries that ran through the summer holidays. The first nursery I visited put me onto another nursery that was part of their chain. I also contacted another nursery in a different part of the city. The book was very well received and I also managed to sell a few copies. Every time I visit a setting, I pass out stickers to the kids ( they love them ) But I was actually going through these stickers quicker than I thought as I found I was passing out often around 90 per visit ( I don’t think I ordered enough ! )

So I was doing the Summer Fayres and visiting nurseries, I felt it was now time to pop into the local book shops. I had been told by the publisher to do this, as one of the shops may even be prepared to help me organise some kind of book launch. That’s quite an exciting thought so I made a visit to the big shopping mall we have in the city. I had been told to introduce myself as a local author and take along a copy of my book.

My first visit was quite promising. I popped into one of the big book shops and introduced myself to the manager. I was told that I could possibly go into the shop at some point during the holiday and maybe read the story to the kids and also do craft activities. Well that suited me as I love to do anything creative. Anyway I was given a e mail addressed told to get in to touch to sort out a date. So I e mailed and I waited and waited, then waited some more. But no replay 😦 Oh dear I thought at this rate the school holidays will be over.

To be honest I was very patient and gave them plenty of time  to get back to me. As I didn’t get a response, I felt the best thing to do would be to actually go back into the shop. So I did.

Pop back tomorrow to find out what was said…….


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