Can the i Pad Pro replace my Graphics Tablet ?

I would like to tell you how I got on with the i Pad Pro and Apple Pencil yesterday. I’m hoping that it will be a big help when it comes to illustrations for my book. Don’t get me wrong, the graphics tablet has been great, but I do prefer the idea of drawing straight onto something and actually being able to see the lines as I draw them. I do know that  Wacom do a more expensive version that does this, but my old i pad is starting  to give up the ghost and really does need replacing. So can the i Pad Pro replace a graphics tablet ?

I am sure you have all received a parcel and been asked to sign for it on one of those little screens. More often than not, you end up putting a little scribble, as those things make it look like you have never put pen to paper in your life. Well I’ve got to admit, this was the first thing I thought about when holding the Apple Pencil. But how wrong was I.   I tried out the pencil on a program called ProCreate. This is very similar to photoshop as it does all the layers, spot healing, pencils, pens, paint and loads of other stuff. I love the Apple Pencil, it responds very well to pressure applied and you can get thin or thicker lines. On this particular app you can import an image or drawing and quite easily work over the top of it in layers. You can move things around on the page and you can obviously delete, save or add to later on. In fact I found working with layers on this program a whole lot easier than working with layers in Photoshop on the pc.

The big 12.9” screen on the i Pad Pro gives you a great canvas size, but you can also change the size of your canvas before you start. You can obviously draw in landscape or portrait, which ever suits you.

So do I have any concerns ? and the answer to that is a yes, but I do feel like I am nit picking a bit. The first thing is actually writing on a glass screen with a pencil for a long period of time. Would it scratch it ? Now I am sure Apple must have tested for this and its got to be ok, but personally I would rather get some sort of screen protector. I would also get a case as you have to be so careful, don’t forget you have a very slippery piece of glass and metal in your hands and not a sketch pad. You kind of feel that you need to be sitting on something soft just in case you drop it. The size of it makes it feel so fragile. On the program itself, I didn’t notice a paint pot, so you can fill something in with one colour just by touching it. I could be wrong, maybe it does have one but I did not spot it, but at the end of the day this is just the program and I’m sure I could find another program/app that does the job.

So would I use the i pad pro and apple pencil as a graphics tablet ? Probably yes 🙂 So all you writers/illustrators out there can use this not only to write ( or type ) your story, but to also work on the illustrations. A very useful gadget to have, but very expensive. If you did want to buy one and cannot afford a brand new one, check out the refurbished section at the bottom of apples website page. They are way cheaper and you are getting virtually a new piece of kit, with a warranty.


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