YES but NO but, try somewhere else. Grrr

Ok, so far on this journey, I’ve had plenty of ups. Now its time for the downs and I’m sure i’m not the only self published author to experience this.

Remember how I had originally gone into the book shop asking if they would be interested in me doing some kind of event to promote my book and they were all for it. Well after e mailing them as instructed and then not getting a reply, I decided to go back into the shop. When I eventually caught up with the person I had spoken to in the first place, it was amazing how the conversation changed from them being very enthusiastic about me doing a book event in the shop, to totally the opposite.

She told me that they didn’t have enough space in the shop for such an event. OMG I could have easily been offended by this comment as for one I don’t take up much space and  two, they already have an area where the kids and parents can sit and look at books. She then went on to say that I would be better visiting the bigger shop they have in town. Oh I was so cross because it was obvious that they had thought about it and decided just not to go ahead. As you can imagine I was so disappointed , especially as this is one of the big book shops that does reckon to support local  authors. Grrrr all I could think about as I left the shop was that if I had been some well known author, they wouldn’t think twice about me doing a book event in their shop.

All this brought back memories of those original rejections I got, when  trying to find a literacy agent. But as I said in a earlier post, I am an expert on rejection. But this was only one book shop, I could still try another. Check back later to see how I got on.


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