Always a BUT

Ok so back the book business 🙂 As you know I got let down in one book shop, so thought I would ask at another. Going back to when I filled all the paperwork in for the publisher, one of the things I was asked was for the name of a local bookshop. The idea behind this was so that they could send them a copy of the advanced info in the hope that they may like to stock my book. Well it turns out that I do have a bookshop, which also just happens to be an independent bookshop, not that far away from where I live. Now this place would be perfect, I thought, maybe I should go down and introduce myself.

So I did exactly this. It turns out that this particular bookshop has the same  supplier as the publishers, so thats got to be good, yes ? Now comes the BUT…..

Turns out that the fella that owns the shop wasn’t about the day I visited, but the assistant did take my name and number and said he would get back to me ( Oh dear this story was all beginning to sound too familiar ) Now the question on my mind was ” Is this guy going to get back to me ?” So I waited and I waited and waited some more. Did anyone get back to me, NO 😦 So I gave it a good few weeks and went down to the shop again, I saw the same person and she could only apologise for him not getting in touch. She wrote all my details down  again and she once again said she would pass the info on. I told the girl that I would be happy to come to the shop and do some kind of book promotion. She did tell me that the shop is on the small side but they do try to work with local authors. So I left the shop feeling a little deflated as nothing really got sorted out and I was starting to think that maybe I was going about this in the wrong way.

So more time passed and still the guy didn’t get back to me. But I did get a message from the publishers saying that he had been in touch with them asking if I wanted to do some kind of event ( Grrrr why didn’t he get in touch with me ?? ) so I e mailed him directly. Guess what !! I didn’t get a reply.

Remember I said I was going to blog about the ups and downs of being a self published author, well this is definitely one of the downs.


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