Weather Watcher / Artist.

Good Morning. The sun is out once again in my part of the world, but we have been warned that it is not going to last. If you saw the picture that I posted yesterday, you will be aware that I was trying out the i Pad Pro and Apple pencil, to see how I got on with it. Yes this will be a great help with my illustrations and it is definitely fun to use. Actually I did more than one illustration on the i Pad over the weekend, which was fun but there was also another reason behind it.

Over here in the UK, we have a website called Weather Watchers. It was set up towards the end of 2015 and the idea behind it was to take photos of the weather in your local area so that the weather people could get a better overall picture the weather in the uk. Well this weekend as part of the GetCreativeUK scheme, people were asked to have a go at drawing or painting the weather instead of actually taking a photo. We then had to upload it to the website in the usual way. So in the end I actually did 4 drawings on the i Pad, as I felt it would be great practice for using it as a graphics tablet. If anyone out there in BlogLand would like see them, I will post the other 3 so just let me know. I have had quite a few of my Weather Watchers pics shown on national tv in the past, but I don’t think any of the drawings will be used as it’s now ‘old weather’ if you see what I mean.

I do promise that I will get back to the book chat in the next post. As you can see I do get easily distracted and I like to talk about most things especially if it is drawing, painting or photography related. I have always loved to draw, so I may even talk about my love of art in a later post.



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