Making it my business

Hope you enjoyed reading about my latest book, I am see excited to see this one in print. I am also working on illustrations for a third story, but I have got to admit I have been so busy doing other stuff that   I have not had the time to spend on it the past few weeks. Now I am getting more clued up on how to use i Pad Pro as a Graphics tablet, I am wondering if I should make the switch. But then again I don’t think it is ideal to use a different method right in the middle of a book, so I will probably stick to what I know for this one. I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but I am even wondering if I should have a go at going down the traditional publishing route with this third book.

The thing I find the most frustrating about the whole self publishing thing, is that it has to be treated like a business. Now I’ve said all along that I’ve been doing this for fun, as a hobby really. But at the end of the day it is classed as a business because I am selling something, so that meant I had to get an accountant to sort the tax situation out for me. In fact before I went ahead and got Billy’s New Camera published, the whole business venture thing did put me off and made me wonder if I really wanted to go ahead with it. But I decided I would, as it was the only way I could share my story with other people.

I have never been good with figures and Maths was never my strong point at school. But all this has made me realise that you need to write everything down, e.g.. money in and money out, oh and it is very important to keep all receipts. Got to keep the tax man happy after all.



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