The Story behind the Story.

IMG_4441Billy was thrilled to bits, to see his book on one of the bookshelves in a nursery. I obviously take all the characters around to the different classes and settings with me and the kids just love to meet them. But Billy is the lucky one as he gets to see loads of other places, as I often take him out with me when I go off into the Peak District taking pictures. Why ? you are probably wondering.

Most of my story ideas come from places that I have been or seen in the past. By taking Billy with me, it kind of reminds me of where I’ve been and also where Billy has been. At the time it doesn’t just make me think of the picture or scene I am about to take with my camera, but also what a youngster would make of this particular place. This then may give me an idea for a story. Hope that makes sense.


Take this picture for example. Billy is sat on a rock, admiring the view. I would then think, how could I incorporate this into a story ? what is Billy doing or thinking ? It looks like he is sitting really high up ( he isn’t really ) but how would this make him feel ? I know this may all sound a little crazy, but it is a great way creating ideas for another story.

The idea for Book 2 ‘Billy’s Submarine Adventure’ came from a trip I made many years ago in a submarine. It was so interesting and I even remember feeling a little apprehensive myself just before the trip as it was something I had never experienced before. So it just goes to show that many stories do actually come from something that the author may have seen or experienced at some point in their life. Having a good imagination always helps 🙂


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