On your Marks – Ready for the Print Run

Yesterday I was asked to confirm the number of copies that I was going to need for the print run. When you are self publishing, you tend to get a certain amount of copies printed ready for when the book is actually launched. This means that I will keep so many and the publishers will have the rest. In my case I always take half of them as I can use those for family, book fairs, school visits etc. Because the publishers are doing some of the marketing for me, they need to have plenty of copies in to pass out to their distributor. Not only that, if they have sent out the Advanced Info to lets say WH Smiths and they decide they want to stock it, they need to have copies ready to send out. The publishers do also sell the books online from their website.

The books are printed as a POD ( Print On Demand ) services this is why it is always better to start with a whole bunch of copies. I have also opted for POD overseas sales, so this means it can be bought abroad. I know that Amazon always start by having a copy two in stock ready to sell, but after that they have to wait for it to get printed or sent directly from the publishers. They do have somewhere in the US that prints for them, I’m not sure exactly how this works in other countries. Take now for instance, at the moment on amazon it is saying that it is available for pre-order. I think it is a good idea them doing this ( especially abroad ) as this means that you are likely to get your copy it a whole lot quicker. As you know I’m about to get the first copy printed, so as soon as I’ve seen it and I’m happy, well the rest will be printed.

This second book, Billy’s Submarine Adventure is still aimed at the 2-6 year age group, but a lot of crazy things happen in this story, so maybe the older kids in that age group ( age 4+ ) will see the humour in it a lot more.  So Im very excited as I eagerly wait to see the first copy.  Not long now 🙂

If you are in the UK, you can go into any bookshop and order it ( if they do not have it on their shelves ). The same goes for abroad, but overseas I’m not sure if it will be registering on their systems yet ( probably only amazon at the moment ). The reason I say this is because last year when the first book had finally gone off to print, I was in Phx at the time, so I called in various different bookshops to see if they had it on their computer. I was told it wasn’t showing up at that time. So it obviously takes a while to get through.



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