Nosey Problem

FullSizeRenderNosey Problem

Well looks like I’ve got a busy week ahead. For starters, I’m back at work, but not only that, this week I have a school book reading visit. This one is over at the other side of the city, so I’m going to have to set the sat nav for this one, as I have no sense of direction. I also need to do a repair on one of my story props. Because on a couple of my visits, I let the kids sit and play with them, Mr Mouse is now missing a nose 😦 I think that maybe I need to re think allowing the kids to play with the characters as these things are quite precious to me, especially as I only have the one of each.

I usually prepare for my visits the night before, getting out everything that I am and going to need. The other thing I also do, is confirm with the school approx 2 weeks in advance. This also gives the school the chance to inform the parents that I will be coming in and also give them the opportunity to place an order for the book ( if they wish ). Anyway I will let you know how this school visit goes later on in the week.

I am now hoping that my second book has gone off to print, so I am looking forward to receiving that first copy. When I do get that back and I am satisfied with it, I will maybe start contacting the schools that I have already visited to see if they would be interested me coming in to read this second story.

Well it is a beautiful morning in this neck of the woods. Hope its the same where you are. I feel another Weather Watcher drawing coming on, so I may get the i pad out and carry own practicing my i pad drawing skills before I use it as a Graphics Tablet. Have a great day 🙂


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