Poll. Do you prefer to read a Picture Book to your children from a Paper Book or E Book ?

One of the options I had when creating both picture book stories was should I have them both made into e book format ? Now as much as I love all my tech stuff, when it comes to children’s books, I guess I’m a bit of a traditionalist. I always think, you cannot beat having a ‘paper’ book in your hands. I have created a list of all the good points for having a paper book and the not so good points for using a tablet. Now don’t forget, I am talking about a short children’s picture book story and not a full length novel. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Great having a paper picture book because :-

Easy to just pick up and read.

It helps teach children how to turn pages and hold a book the correct way up.

Easier to refer back to any page.

Doesn’t really matter if the children drop it.

Looks good on the book shelves.

Children can see the cover and can therefore identify the book.

Young children can look at a book independently without asking anyone else to help.

I do admit that having a paper book can have its disadvantages e.g. it can easily get torn. But teaching children how to look after books and other possessions is all part of the early learning process.

Not so good having Picture Book e books because :-

You have to keep it the tablet charged up.

You need to show the the child how to switch it on and to actually find the book.

The images are not always that big.

Can be easily damaged if dropped.

It is hard reading story’s to a group of children from a tablet. It would need to be projected onto a whiteboard.

It is quite easy for a child to touch the wrong thing and then lose the page.

I do own a Kindle and I do find it very useful for reading novels. It is very portable and it obviously does hold more that one book. But I’m not so sure that it is the best thing for the very young.

So what are your thoughts ?? I would love to know. 





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