Billy on Social Media

It was great to hear on the news the other day that books ( in paper form ) are actually starting to make a come back. Even though I didn’t get much response to my earlier question, at least I know that the traditional book is still going strong, here in the uk at least.

Today ( in between decorating ) I am hoping to make a start on my activity sheets for the 2nd story. After all, I hope to have copies of the book in my hand towards the end of May, so at least I will be prepared. As soon as I do get copies of my book, I will be holding a joint competition on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. The prize will be a signed copy. I have already held a few competitions on these social media sites and the the response has been pretty good.

If you would like to follow me on social media, the pages to look for are as follows :-

FACEBOOK – Billy’s New Camera

TWITTER – @Wendspix1

INSTAGRAM – billys_picturebook_adventures



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