Billy on Social Media

It was great to hear on the news the other day that books ( in paper form ) are actually starting to make a come back. Even though I didn’t get much response to my earlier question, at least I know that the traditional book is still going strong, here in the uk at least.… Continue reading Billy on Social Media

Book Reading / Visit

Sorry that I’ve been a little quiet over the past few days, only I’ve been rather busy. Yesterday I checked to see if my book had gone off to print yet. Apparently it hasn’t, but thats only because it has got to be checked by someone else ( I totally forgot about this part of… Continue reading Book Reading / Visit

Poll. Do you prefer to read a Picture Book to your children from a Paper Book or E Book ?

One of the options I had when creating both picture book stories was should I have them both made into e book format ? Now as much as I love all my tech stuff, when it comes to children’s books, I guess I’m a bit of a traditionalist. I always think, you cannot beat having… Continue reading Poll. Do you prefer to read a Picture Book to your children from a Paper Book or E Book ?

Links, links and more links.

Just thought I would give you some links to the book. It is available worldwide, but it would take me forever to locate the links for the different countries. So here are the ones for the UK, USA and Canada. If you are in the UK. You can get the book directly from the publishers… Continue reading Links, links and more links.

A Book Launch !! Sounds like a plan.

So getting back to the book chat. Because the book was published just before the school summer holidays, it meant that I couldn’t actually go into any primary schools to read my book. So I had to make do with visiting nurseries that ran through the summer holidays. The first nursery I visited put me… Continue reading A Book Launch !! Sounds like a plan.

The ‘Big’ Kid and the Badge Machine

I found out that our local school had a Summer Fayre every year. This would be the perfect opportunity to get the book out there in the community, so I asked if I could run a stall. I also needed to have something else I could sell that would appeal to the kids. I didn’t… Continue reading The ‘Big’ Kid and the Badge Machine