Billy on Social Media

It was great to hear on the news the other day that books ( in paper form ) are actually starting to make a come back. Even though I didn’t get much response to my earlier question, at least I know that the traditional book is still going strong, here in the uk at least.… Continue reading Billy on Social Media

What is that Noise ??

If like me you have worked with young children for many years, you may not realise the toll it is taking on your hearing. Working in different environments, with noise levels at the max can cause problems in years to come. This is exactly what happened to me. Ok I haven’t worked with kids all… Continue reading What is that Noise ??

Calling all Infant School, Pre-School, Nursery, Kindergarten Teachers.

Don’t forget, if you work in the Early Years profession either of these books would be a perfect addition to your book shelf. Colourful, rhyming and repetitive, so great for early learning. Maybe you work in a Primary School, Nursery, Pre School or Kindergarten, well DON’T FORGET, if you do buy the book just contact… Continue reading Calling all Infant School, Pre-School, Nursery, Kindergarten Teachers.

Pass for Press

I was going to post last night, but just didn’t get the chance. But what I was going to say was that I have finally signed off the front and back cover for Billy’s Submarine Adventure. The image does look the same as the image you saw in a previous post, but the back cover… Continue reading Pass for Press