Billy on Social Media

It was great to hear on the news the other day that books ( in paper form ) are actually starting to make a come back. Even though I didn’t get much response to my earlier question, at least I know that the traditional book is still going strong, here in the uk at least.… Continue reading Billy on Social Media

Book Reading / Visit

Sorry that I’ve been a little quiet over the past few days, only I’ve been rather busy. Yesterday I checked to see if my book had gone off to print yet. Apparently it hasn’t, but thats only because it has got to be checked by someone else ( I totally forgot about this part of… Continue reading Book Reading / Visit

Nosey Problem

Nosey Problem Well looks like I’ve got a busy week ahead. For starters, I’m back at work, but not only that, this week I have a school book reading visit. This one is over at the other side of the city, so I’m going to have to set the sat nav for this one, as… Continue reading Nosey Problem

The Story behind the Story.

Billy was thrilled to bits, to see his book on one of the bookshelves in a nursery. I obviously take all the characters around to the different classes and settings with me and the kids just love to meet them. But Billy is the lucky one as he gets to see loads of other places,… Continue reading The Story behind the Story.

Pass for Press

I was going to post last night, but just didn’t get the chance. But what I was going to say was that I have finally signed off the front and back cover for Billy’s Submarine Adventure. The image does look the same as the image you saw in a previous post, but the back cover… Continue reading Pass for Press

Links, links and more links.

Just thought I would give you some links to the book. It is available worldwide, but it would take me forever to locate the links for the different countries. So here are the ones for the UK, USA and Canada. If you are in the UK. You can get the book directly from the publishers… Continue reading Links, links and more links.