Book Reading / Visit

Sorry that I’ve been a little quiet over the past few days, only I’ve been rather busy. Yesterday I checked to see if my book had gone off to print yet. Apparently it hasn’t, but thats only because it has got to be checked by someone else ( I totally forgot about this part of… Continue reading Book Reading / Visit

Nosey Problem

Nosey Problem Well looks like I’ve got a busy week ahead. For starters, I’m back at work, but not only that, this week I have a school book reading visit. This one is over at the other side of the city, so I’m going to have to set the sat nav for this one, as… Continue reading Nosey Problem

Britains Got Talent with Knitting Needles.

So then came the story props. If any of you out there are in the Early Years teaching profession, you will know how much kids love story sacks with story props. I had to have a bit of a think as to how I could do this because as creative as I am, my creativeness… Continue reading Britains Got Talent with Knitting Needles.